How It Works

Our Complete Product Development Process

NAP2_ sketch


A customer presented Peerless Creations with an idea for a camera outfitted with special lenses to watch a live welding process. The idea was drawn out on a napkin during the initial development meeting.



The next step was for Peerless Creations to construct a general concept for the weld viewing camera. A laptop computer was utilized on-site allowing maximum interaction with the customer and ensuring a creative and operational design.



After the concept phase comes the mechanical design of the product. We developed and detailed each part to create a full assembly. Peerless Creations methodically checked every aspect and detail of each part to ensure a functional design.



The final step in the process is to manufacture the assembly. Peerless Creations created a manufacturing print package, and the parts were then fabricated and assembled into a finished product. From a simple idea written on a napkin. Peerless Creations can mold any idea into a useful functioning product.